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Taxis in Luton

Luton is one of the major cities in Bedfordshire with its location situated 30 miles north of Central London and 1.8 miles east of the Luton city centre. The Luton Airport was first built and opened in 1938 as a base for Royal Air force fighter’s planes until in 1960s when it was rebuilt to cater for travellers from the North of England and for those from London. Due to its proximity to the UK capital (London), the airport was renamed London Luton Airport in 1990. Today, Luton airport remains the fourth largest airport serving the London area and is known to be one of the busiest airports in the UK operating charter flights and low cost airlines from all parts of the world which in turn has increased the airport transfer work for the taxis in Luton. The taxi services in Luton are always affordable and reliable.

Majority of the flight operations from Luton airport are targeted for most European countries. The opportunity to book Luton flights are offered online at a cheaper rate. In most cases, it is very convenient for travellers to search and book for secured taxis in Luton while they are still on the net after booking their flights. There is a huge discounts offered online for securing flight ticket and Luton airport transfer service.

Interestingly, travelling from or to Luton airport has become a relaxing and quick journey since the major motorway heading up North(The M1) has been expanded just from the Luton Airport exist junction 10 up to Junction 8 towards London. All private car users and taxis in Luton since then prefer using the motorway (M1) during their travel to London, since the traffic flow has become much freer than what it used to be in the past.

The fare charged by taxis in Luton has drastically fallen due to the ease of traffic on this major motorway, although the rate of increase in fuel prices has not helped maters for the taxi operators.

The benefit of the reduced fare charged by taxis in Luton is now being passed on to regular users of the airport which sounds encouraging for travellers to consider using taxis in Luton for airport transfers instead of using any other means of ground transportation from the airport to anywhere in the UK. The operatorship of taxis in Luton is not limited to any particular licensing authority, hence the licensed London taxis and the Bedfordshire taxis are allowed to drop and pick their individual passengers at the airport if booking was made through a registered office in any of the cities

it is advisable to pre book your airport transfer by possibly searching online for taxis in Luton that offer quality services to include meet and greet services , instant booking confirmation and the option to accept different method of payments. Most popular operators of taxis in Luton can be seen online and it is easy to book a transfer online.